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Welcome to our English Activities section. Here you can practice your skills and improve your grammar while having fun.

İngilizce Aktiviteler bölümümüze hoşgeldiniz. Bu etkinliklerle hem eğlenip hem de dil becerilerinizi geliştirebilirsiniz.

4 Year Olds
Weather and Seasons
Four seasons song

Autumn Songs for Kids ♫ Scarecrow Song ♫

Fall and Autumn Counting Song for Kids – How Many Leaves?

Seasons Song for Children | Learn Four Seasons

How’s the Weather Song

Weather Song For Kids: The Sun Comes Up!

How’s The Weather?

Feelings and Emotions

My Happy Song

If You’re Happy

Feelings and Emotions Song

Feelings Song | How Are You?


Emotions Hokey Pokey

My Body

Body Bop Bop Dance


My Body

One Little Finger

This is Me

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Hello, My Body!

The Bath Song | Original Kids Song

Shake and Move Children’s song

Shake it Out Body Parts Song

5 Year Olds
Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands?

Good Morning Song For Children

Bye Bye Goodbye


Color Song for Kids: Learn 9 Colors

Learn Colors

Let’s Learn The Colors!

I See Something Pink

I See Something Blue


Numbers Song Let’s Count 1-10

How Many Fingers?


ChuChu TV Numbers Song

School Objects

What is In Your Bag? School Classroom Items

Classroom Vocabulary: What’s This?

School Supplies Song

School Supplies

“Learn School Supplies | Talking Flashcards”


How’s The Weather?

How’s the Weather Song

Weather | Word Power

The Sun Comes Up!

Weather Song for Kids